We are happy to announce that our 4th and final qualifier tournament is scheduled for this Saturday (4/26) and Sunday (4/27). The next tournament after this will be our major tournament in which the four teams with the most vitality points will battle it out to be DGSL champions and receive a prize (TBD). More info on this can be found in our Rules/ Point System tab above.

Thank you to all of the teams that have participated in the DGSL, and the Dawngate competitive scene as a whole. All of you are playing a major role in making Dawngate a great game and something special to the MOBA genre!

It is almost time for the second DGSL qualifier tournament. The matches will take place this Saturday (March 29th), starting at 5:30 PM EST. The finals will take place the Sunday after (March 30th), which also starts at 5:30 PM EST.

This second qualifier will operate under the SAME rules as our first qualifier tournament.

Match-ups will be posted soon so keep an eye out on this site!

As many of you are well aware of, we took a small break to sort out several issues with our old format and to reorganize the Dawngate Stars League. During this time we changed the rules (see rules tab above) and we made the DGSL a tournament series instead of a weekly match based system in hopes that more teams will participate making the DGSL a steady operation from here on out. 

Along with the format changes the DGSL has acquired a sponsor. Parabellum Esports has agreed to sponsor our tournaments meaning the winners of the DGSL will be able get some nice gear graciously donated by them!

We here at the DGSL look forward to some great matches in the future and hope that all of you enjoy the news!



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Welcome to the Dawngate Stars League official website! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask an admin for assistance.
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