Here's the link, Shapers!
Hey guys! I`m back with some announcements! We are pleased to announce the winners of our season`s first qualifier!

1st Place: Band of Baddies
2nd Place: Four Doge and a Toddler
3rd Place: When`s Para?
4th Place: VexX Green

DGSL Schedule:

rRase a posted Jun 1, 14
Hey DGers, we have posted the DGSL schedule in our schedule tab! Check it out so you can make our tournaments!
The time has come for us to host our Major Tournament. First of all congratulations to the four teams that qualified for this tournament: Four Doge and a Toddler, When's Para?, Band of Baddies, and VexX Gaming NA. We also thank all of the other teams that participated and we hope you will return for the next series. 

The tournament starts Saturday, May 10th and matches start at 3:30 PM EST.

*Note to participating teams* There will be a new pick/ban format this tournament:
 Ban/Pick formats: 1 ban mortal, 1 ban spirit, 1 ban mortal, 1 ban spirit, 1 pick mortal, 2 pick spirit, 2 mortal, 2 spirit, 2 mortal, 1 spirit.

Please remember to sign up for the next split! All teams are welcome and encouraged to participate, signups will begin soon so keep an eye out for the announcement on the exact time!

Thank you to everyone who participated, Waystone Games for supporting this cause, and to the Dawngate community as a whole for pushing for the Dawngate competitive scene!


@Social Media.

YoungBaek a posted May 2, 14
Hello Everyone, Youngbaek here.
I'm the one that's respondsible for Social media, while the crew works on other subjects.
I'd like to remind everyone of our twitter, i'm trying to be more and more active and a follow would be kind! - @DG_Starsleague.

I've also created a DG Profile for questions etc named; DGSL-Admin and a new reddit account, by same name.

I hope to have your support and one day we might reach 100 followers :)

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